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Dublin Airport Authority

Club Notes

March 23, 2020

When the history of 2020 is written at some future date, those reading it will wonder what on earth was Social Distancing. Was it a dance? Was it a political or religious movement? Perhaps it was the name of some mad Rock group!

Sadly, it was none of the above. It is however a concept that in view of the current health crisis will literally save lives. So once again in an effort to curb this virus we appeal to all our members and friends to strictly adhere to the guidelines issued by the HSE and the other professional bodies.

If you do go out, operate on the basis that everyone has the virus.

  • Stay a minimum of 2 metres apart at all times
  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after all activity.
  • If you use a tissue, dispose of it immediately.

We appeal to our young people in particular to please take this message seriously. Lives are at stake.

We wish to remind all members of the community that the club has set up a confidential text line for anyone who needs assistance at the moment. The number is 087 3439597.

Together we will win this battle.