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Dublin Airport Authority

Social Initiative / Ground Force

The GAA Social Initiative symbol visually associates the influence of the GAA with the dropping of a stone in water. The concentric circles spread outwards beyond the initial point of contact. As with the stone, the GAA connects with and influences an increasing circle of people

1. Started by President Mary McAleese, who noticed a lack of older men attending official events.
2. A forum was established in 2007 to explore problems and solutions.
3. A Steering Group was then established in 2009 : it proposed that the GAA be invited to implement a social project for older men.
4. This led to the development of the GAA Social Initiative.

Next Outing

Tony Owens
087 2514515

Don Powell
086 0544988

Declan McConnell
086 0745815

Club members Tony Owens and Tony Kenny at the launch of I.G.B for social initiative