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Social Football & Hurling

Naomh Mearnóg Social Football & Hurling team

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Simon Woods (hurling)
087 229 7536

John Coakley (football)
087 238 9891

Social Hurling: Monday at 9pm
Football on Wednesdays at 9pm and Saturdays at 4pm

Social games are small-sided games of football and hurling with modified rules to encourage fun, participation and fitness. They are all inclusive with both women and men playing and are suitable for all ages and abilities. Currently our age profile ranges from 60’s down to 20’s and all ages in between!

Social games have been run in Naomh Mearnog for nearly 30 years now and great credit is due to former Dublin All-Ireland winner Mick Kissane who was the main driving force behind the idea for many years.

The rules have been modified over the years to produce a game that is non physical, non competitive and great fun. Rules include shortened pitch, exclusion zones for scoring, bonus goals, limits to soloing and score first touch which are all designed to produce games that are fun, fast and end to end. Because of the non competitive nature of the games, players can play and participate at their own pace and still enjoy the buzz of being part of a team game.

Our players are from all backgrounds with some never having played Gaelic Games before, players coming back from injury, people unable to commit to club teams and more of us who simply have just experienced too many birthdays! If you are new to the club and have children playing, it is a great way to get to know other people in the club and also to experience some of the fun and joy that your children get from playing, as well as getting a little fitter yourself! Total beginners are most welcome.

All games are on our fantastic all-weather pitch with hurling on Mondays at 9pm and football on Wednesdays at 9pm and Saturdays at 4pm. For hurling contact Simon Woods 087 2297536  and football contact John Coakley 087 2389891.

Special Needs

Naomh Mearnóg Special Needs team

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We are always looking for new coaches

Principal contact:
Mick Kissane
086 059 7329

Andrew Crean- Lynch
086 830 3531

Gerry Noble
086 384 3129

Tom O’Sullivan
087 686 3088

Aisling Gogarty
01 846 1626

Ciarán Kenny

The GAA Strategic Vision and Action Plan 2009 -2015 introduced an Inclusion and Integration Strategy to its membership.

Naomh Mearnóg, through its forward thinking, was well ahead of its time in this regard, with the setting up of a Special Needs programme here in Portmarnock back in 2006. The completion of our all-weather facility provided an ideal, safe and secure area to locate this programme and it is here that we train and play our games.

We hold two sessions per week: Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 8pm and Saturday mornings from 9.45am to 10.45am.

We cater for a variety of individuals with intellectual disabilities who have a range of needs. Our aim is to introduce Gaelic games in a fun, non-competitive way to persons of all abilities.

Fresh air, exercise, friendships and enjoyment is the order of the day.Being part of a team, a club, and the wider GAA community is a key element behind special needs participation.

The decision of our Club Executive to bestow club membership on our special needs players confirms our commitment to inclusion and integration.

Gaelic 4 Mothers & Others

Naomh Mearnóg Gaelic 4 Mothers & Others team

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Declan Crilly
087 246 0406

or email


for more information.

The Gaelic4Mothers&Others initiative is an innovative way to introduce mothers and other women to playing Ladies Gaelic Football.

Everybody is welcome.

We train Monday & Friday 7-8pm at the Club. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact Declan.

Click here for more information on Gaelic4Mothers&Others.


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People of all ages and skill level are invited to join our rounders section, it doesn’t matter if you never played before! We are focused on fun, exercise etc

Rounders is one of the four official GAA sports. Rounders is a bat and ball game and is not that dis-similar to baseball.

Rounders is played by all age groups, from National School children all the way up to and including senior level. There are mixed teams, where boys and girls, men and women can play on the same team. As Rounders is a limited contact sport it is perfect for both recreational and competitive play. It also draws on a different set of skills than the conventional GAA games and is very good for developing hand eye coordination.

We train every Tuesday at 6:30pm to 8pm and cater for all age groups. We play in Club Senior and Minor Championship and Monthly Underage Blitz competitions.

Please contact Michael Geoghegan – 01 8462613 or 087 6824696 for more information.

For further information on rounders, please visit the official GAA Rounders website. www.gaarounders.ie or rounders.gno.ie