1. Click Posts > Add New
  2. Enter a title for the news story
  3. Add the text for the story in the main content area.
  4. If you are copying and pasting content, use the text tab and add paragraphs where required.
  5. Check for spelling mistakes, use of the symbols etc. Please refer to the club as Naomh Mearnóg and the club grounds as Páirc Mearnóg for consistency.
  6. The first paragraph you enter will be displayed/highlighted as an intro paragraph so have some creative fun!
  7. Add an image for the story in the Featured Image area (as described in ADDING IMAGES).
  8. Click Publish
  9. You can always edit an article after you publish it


When adding images to a page or post, there will be slots for images in the edit screen, at the bottom of the right column.

Please do not upload very large images as they will slow the site down. Please resize your images to approx 750px before you get it ready for upload.

For most pages, images will be 436 pixels by 316 pixels, unless stated on the image box but the site will automatically crop / resize larger images to that size.

To add an image:

  1. click the Set Image link
  2. click Upload Files and follow the instructions.
  3. make sure the image is selected with a tick
  4. click Set Featured Image in the bottom right corner


To add a team, select the game and Add New; or to edit a team, click the game to which it belongs.

  1. Add a name for the team to the title bar.
  2. There is a large area for the main text. On the team page, this will be automatically truncated with a Read More link.
  3. The Team Contacts area fills the Team Contacts box
  4. Add a link to where the fixtures for this class appear in the Link to Fixtures Page.
  5. Add an image for the team under Team Image. The image should be 664 pixels by 316.
  6. Add an image for the team sponsor to Team Sponsor.
  7. The Order field, under Attributes, determines what order this team will appear in the menus. The best would be to add the age of the team to this box to make sure it appears in the correct place. For adult teams, add a larger number to teams that you want to appear lower in the list.
  8. Click the blue Update button.


To add fixtures that will appear on the home page and fixtures page:

  1. Click Featured Fixtures (not Fixtures) from the main left hand navigation
  2. Click the “Add New” button at the top of the screen
  3. Click the little calendar button to choose a date, and enter a time on the right (in 24 hour format, or with am/pm – any way will be understood).
  4. Add the Home team, the Away team, and Venue
  5. If possible, please use Naomh Mearnóg when referencing the club and Páirc Mearnóg for home venue (where applicable)
  6. Under Section, choose the relevant section of the club your team is in
  7. Under Competition, click the relevant competition or add a new one if required.
  8. Click Publish

Please note:
– The fixture will expire on the site once its date/time has passed.
– On the Fixtures part of the site, we only show the next calendar month of fixtures but you can add a full set of your team’s fixtures if you wish in advance


To add results to the Twitter results feed that will appear on the home page and results page:

  1. Open or download the Twitter app
  2. Login in with the details supplied on email
  3. Click on the “New Tweet” button in the top right hand corner
  4. If the match was a home game, follow this format:@naomhmearnog Goals-Pts vs @nameofclub Goals-Pts #competition
    @naomhmearnog 1-10 vs @OTooles_GAC 1-7 #AFL2
  5. If the match was a home game, follow this format:@nameofclub Goals-Pts vs @naomhmearnog Goals-Pts #competition
    @WColmcille 1-16 v 1-14 @naomhmearnog #AHL2
  6. Click the Tweet button to add the new Tweet

Please note:
– Please try to add your result as soon as you can after the match. Little tip – Set a reminder in your phone that will pop-up after the match
– If you type @name of club, the opposing club should pop up as most clubs have a twitter account but if the club name doesn’t appear, just type the name of the club and finish your tweet.
– If you make a mistake, you can always delete the Tweet and add it again with the correction you need