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Clash of the Parish Titans

Clash of the Parish Titans

Clash of the Parish Titans

Clash of the Parish Titans

Posted June 21, 2016

It was a different kind of BBQ for the 2008 Boys on Saturday. No hot coals needed for this one!

The first B in our BBQ was for ball, as St. Sylvesters hosted us for a Round Robin football blitz. The spectacular setting of the grounds of Malahide Castle seemed to inspire the inner warrior in the boys as they donned the noble colours of House Naomh Mearnóg and charged out to meet the brave troops of St Sylvesters.

It was a battle of three parts as each team played three 20 minute games. With the towers of Malahide Castle looming large in the background, all teams were eager to lay siege to the goals of their opponents. There was some fine kicking on display, with balls flying straight and true over the bar like arrows striking the bullseye.

The Musketeer spirit was alive and well amongst all the teams as the boys worked hard for each other showing off all they have learned over the season. From kicking to catching, from passing to tackling and most importantly of all how to work as a team.
With such fine skills on display, it is hard to believe that for most of these boys it has only been a season since they left the Academy. I think we can all agree that they have well and truly earned their spurs.

A big thank you goes out to St Sylvesters for hosting a great morning of football.

The next B in our BBQ was for bowling as the boys travelled down to the Leisureplex in Coolock. Lanes were selected; boots and runners exchanged for snazzy bowling shoes and pins were sent flying. With music pumping, lights flashing and disco balls spinning the sound of bouncing bowling balls wasn’t much noticed by the staff and I’m sure most of the dents on the lanes can be buffed out. There was some fierce competition between the boys with a few chalking up a century on the scoreboard.

The Q in our BBQ Saturday was for Quasar. Unbelievably, the boys still had the energy to race upstairs and pull on body armour and facemasks and do battle with laser guns. It was blues against reds and as we had uneven numbers a not so reluctant mentor stepped, or rather sprinted forward, to volunteer for the reds. Needless to say the blues won and we are presently missing a mentor who was last seen entering a tunnel in attempt to capture the blue base. If you see this mentor please don’t approach him, as he is armed and dangerously unfit.

On a final serious note, the Mentors would like to thank all the parents for their continued support both on and off the touchline and a big thank you to all the players for their great behaviour and attitude all season. They are a credit to their parents, the club and the community. Well done boys and we look forward to our last game of the season. .

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