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The U13 Boys are Off to a Winning Start

The U13 Boys are Off to a Winning Start

Posted February 16, 2016

The under 13’s started their 2016 campaign with a series of grading campaigns.

The grading matches, of which there are 5, determine the division the team will play in for the year. The team management are acutely aware of the importance of staying in the division from last year, which was division 3, but are quietly eyeing up division 2 as a more appropriate home for this young group of talented players.

Having defeated Naomh Barróg in the first grading game, last Saturday 13th Feb, delivered a new challenge in a Castleknock team that had given us a lesson a few short months previously.

Having recognised Castleknock’s canny ability to tackle aggressively the team prepared counter tactics to deal with and counter with a game plan that would be high octane in offense and defence.

The tactics and training prevailed for Mearnogs and through the sheer determination of all our squad we countered an early 1-2 unanswered start by Castleknok with a win 5-3 to 3-4.

To say the management were proud would be an understatement and these wins, can now very arguably, be the key foundation stones to ensuring we reach our division 2 goal.

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